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C1stBIEO Workshop
Invention Process (Once per quarter)
Workshops will be held on the following topics:

  • Workshops will be held on the following topics:
  • Meeting manufactures and discussing prototyping your idea.
  • Learning the difference between Marketing and Licensing your idea
  • Meeting Patent Attorneys, Buyers / Brokers , Licensing experts,
  • Venture Capitalist and Angel Investors
  • Starting up your business
  • Do’s and don’ts about starting a business
  • How to incorporate your business
  • Minority Certification
  • Financing your business
  • Patenting your idea (includes how to do patent searches and filing
    the patent yourself.
  • Locating your business in the industry through feasibility study
    and demographic study.
  • Conduct market research on your business’ industry trends, customer
    and competitor markets and environmental tends.
Seminars will be held on the following
topics bi-annually.
  • Successful Inventors. Find out how they did it.
  • Integrating PC Applications & Business Operations.
  • Financing & Insuring Your Business.
  • How to Keep Records for Your Business
  • Manage Your Business Plan & Operations.
  • Use E-Commerce to develop closer relations with your customers,
    suppliers, bankers, and trading partners, and advertise and sell your
    products globally on a 24 hour basis every day of the year.
  • Understanding how to do business with corporate America. (The process
    once you get in!)
  • Develop growth strategies based on your market and company analysis
  • Identify emerging Internet business models, technologies and products
    which will impact the way you do business in the future